The 142th. WHA Haiga Contest i05/2016)
Judge and comments by Kuniharu Shimizu ....(blog)
My haiga in book format now

I received 61 submissions, and accepted 23.
From 138th contest on,
I select haiga with higher criteria both in image and haiku

E-mail Address for Submission
For those who are submitting for the first time, please be reminded that the deadline is the 20th of each month.

How to become a WHA member

alphabetical order
Andrzej Zadio(Poland)
Catherine Lee(USA)
Dainius Dirgela(Lithuania)
Damir Damir(Montenegro)
Debbie Strange (Canada)
Eleonore Nickolay(France)
Goda V.Bendoraitiene (Lithuania)
Ioana Dinescu(Rumania)
Ken Sawitri(Indonesia)
Lavana Kray (Rumania)
Malgorzata Formanowska (Poland)
Mario Zontini (Italy)
Marta Chocilowska(Poland)
Nika (Canada)
Radka Mindova(Bulgaria)
Ramona Linke(Germany)
Rita Odeh(Israel)
Robert Kania(Poland)
Sandi Pray (USA)
Silvija Butkovic(Croatia)
Simone K. Busch (Germany)
Toni Piccini (Italy)
Vladislav Hristov(Bulgaria)

Submission Guidelines
1. One haiga per person
2. If your haiga is done on paper, scan it and send it as an email attachment. (Be sure to resize your submissions 72dpi in a jpg format.
3. Name your haiga file as follows: (example) kuniharu_shimizu_japan.jpg
4. Haiku words must be embedded in the haiga image
5. Haiga data will not be returned.
6. Submit your haiga by the 20th of each month to: Kuniharu Shimizu
7. Include the following information: your full name, postal address, and email address.

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