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Zvonko Petrovic
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In Haiku World, by William J. Higginson there are three Zvonko's haiku:

Stablo jabuke ­ page 94
Klas p_enice ­ page 171
Jutarnje inje ­ page 246

Zvonko Petrovic, a retired teacher, was born in 1925, in Zagreb. He is among the first poets writing haiku in Croatia. He had published three haiku collections, and was the pioneer editor of the first Croatian haiku magazine Haiku which was published in Varazdin from 1977-1981. We can say surelly, this magazine was the foundation of Croatian haiku poetry and was very positely evaluated in very well know 'The Haiku Handbook' written by one of the leading world's haiku authorities, William J. Higginson.

Zvonko Petrovic received several high prizes and recognitions for his haiku on respected international haiku contests and is prezent at world haiku antologies.


Author: Zvonko Petrovic
Editor: Djurdja V. Rozic


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