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Vi°nja McMaster Croatian, English
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Born in 1948 in Zagreb. English teacher, translator, inventor, democracy activist, poet. Has lived in Croatia, Slovenia, England, Poland, Iran and Japan. Published newspaper and magazine articles, children's stories, photography, poetry, haiku. Editor of the «Haiku» magazine, a founder (1997) and the president of the Association of Croatian Haiku Poets. Edited and translated a national haiku anthology, several haiku collections of Croatian haiku poets;  a  6-volume series, The Culture of Japan. Two own books of poetry Seasons of the Eclipse, Tied to the Steeple; two haiku books forthcoming: Islands (bi-lingual), A Day in the Summer of St Euphemia (tri-lingual).

Got involved with haiku when in Japan, 1980 1991. Has received a good number of international prizes (Timepieces, Itoen, The BHS J.W. Hackett Award, The New Zealand Poetry Society Competition, The Hawaii Haiku Competition, etc) and has had her haiku published in  world haiku anthologies and collections, as well as magazines and newspapers home and abroad.

For the purpose of teaching haiku to children, she has produced a game named Haiku Cards. She has established the value of therapeutic effects of haiku on children affected by war trauma.  Vi°nja has been organizing Japanese festivals and events (Girls' Festival, Boys' Festival, Tanabata) in Croatia for the past 11 years; she is the founder of the Children's Haiku Festival, a yearly children's haiku competition.

For over a decade now, Vi°nja has joined forces with her teacher and closest haiku friend Vladimir Devidé:  the two can be said to be the most dedicated promoters of haiku and Japanese culture in Croatia.






na Mirogoju

zra®na uzbuna: svi su

u skloni°tima

at the cemetery

an air-raid siren: they,re all,

all in their shelters

danima već

cvr®kova pjesma u zdjeli

kaki jabuka

for days now

a cricket,s song

in a bowl of kaki

ulicom djeca

crtaju uta sunca

korom od oraha

down the street

kids are drawing yellow suns

with walnut husks

tiho zatvorih

ormar da ne ometem

moljce pri jelu

quietly I shut

the wardrobe not to disturb

the moths as they eat

s bujne livade

praznih ruku samotna

zdjela ikebane

back empty-handed

from the bursting meadow idle

ikebana bowl

na zabavi

azilant sjedi najblie

boićnom drvcu

at the party

the exile sits the closest

to the Christmas tree

na krilima

jastreba, ru°i se u snijeg

®itav plavi svod

into the bright snow

on the wings of a hawk dives

the blue mountain sky

beremo kestene

u ti°ini zemlja drhti

od bombi

we pick chestnuts

in silence the earth trembles

with bombs

stari bra®ni par

jedini im razgovor

ruka u ruci

an old couple

their only conversation

in holding hands


njezno nji°emo
noge i rijeci -
jesenske zvijezde

gently we swing
our feet and our talk -
autumn stars

Author: Visnja McMaster
Editor: Visnja McMaster
Translator: Visnja McMaster


"at the cemetery: The NZ  Poetry Society,s 1993 International Poetry Competition; Commended

"for days now: The NZ  Poetry Society,s 1994 International Poetry Competition; Commended

"down the street the kids: The Anthology of Croatian Haiku, 1996

"a summer storm: The Anthology of Croatian Haiku, 1996

"quietly I shut: Haiku World, An International Poetry Almanac, 1996

"back empty-handed: Timepieces 1996; Grand Prize Winner

"at the party: Itoen Haiku Contest 1998, 2nd prize

"on the wings of a hawk: Itoen Haiku Contest 1999, 5th prize

 "we pick chestnuts: Knots, 1999

"an old couple: The BHS James W. Hackett International Haiku Award, 1999, Highly Commended


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