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Mile Stamenkovic
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Dr. Mile Stamenkovic was born in Ogulin in 1952, died in Rijeka, in the year 2000. He was Medical Doctor, haiku poet and writer. He published following poetry collections:
'Put u definitivni zaborav' (A trip to definite oblivion), 'Sjaj i bijeda privida' (The Shine and Misery of Illusion) and 'Dahovi srpanjskih lipika' (The breaths of July Linden Parks).
With dr. Jadran Zalokar he prepared anthology of Croatian haiku poetry, published in three languages 'Hvatanje sjenka vjetra' (Catching the Shadows of the Wind). He was prominent author on medical sciences and as haijin he was present in the world, publishing in many haiku magazines.


Author: Mile Stamenkovic
Editor: Djurdja V. Rozic


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