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Luko Paljetak
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Born in 1943 in Dubrovnik. Graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Letters (Croatian language and literature, English language and literature) in 1968 in Zadar.In Zgareb he got his doctorÕs degree in philology. He published a series of dramatic works, numerous collections of poems, books of sketches, scientific papers. Mention should be made of his extensive activities in translating from English, Franch and Slovakian. He is a full member of Croatian Academy of Science and Art.


1982 - for the translation of Presern poetry Zupanciceva Listina
Decoration of the Republic with bronze laurel
1984 - Vladimir Nazor Award
1989 - Tin Ujevic Award
1995 - Goranov vijenac Award
1996 - Annual award of HAZU (Croatian Academy of Science and Art) - Medal of Croatian Danica Order with the picture of Marko Marulic - Olive wreath Award
He was awarded the Ivana Brlic-Mazuranic prize for his book Mice and Cats running upside down.
In 1980 he received Goran s Medal for his complete creative work, and in 1988 he received golden medal and Nasa Djeca (Our Children) diploma.


Author: Luko Paljetak
Editor: Djurdja V. Rozic


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