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Franko Busic was born in Split (Croatia), May 8, 1971.

He is professional painter with 23 one-man shows and 26 collective exhibitions.

He has also published 4 books (3 books of poetry and 1 book of prose).

He also has done 9 performances (body and live art).

He is a member of redaction of printed and on line magazine SRP from Ljubljana (Slovenia).






Krik napu°ta °umu,
crne ptice grakcu
u maglu.

The scream is leaving the wood,
the black birds are croaking
into the fog.

Kapi krvi
i majcine suze
pokrivaju blato.

Droplets of blood
and mother's tears
cover the mud.

Kroz maglu
zvona zvone -

Through the fog
the bells are tolling

Obuzet strahom
posjetih groblje.
Izlazi pun mjesec.

I visited the cemetery.
Full moon rising.

Rosa i krv
na ukocen cvijet

The dew and the blood
on an stiff flower
drops on.

Trulece smece
i sablasne biljke
u tajni mjesecine.

The rotting garbage
and the ghostly torches
in mystery of the moonlight.

Cujem korake
i lagan °um vjetra...
Susret s nepoznatim.

Hearing the steps
and a light sound of wind
Encounter with the unknown.

Starica prosi,
uginula ptica trune,
u ovoj zemlji smrti.

An old woman begging,
a dead bird rotting
in this land of death.

Sred suhe zemlje
siroma°na djeca se igraju
sa zaboravljenom lutkom.

Amid the dry land
poor children playing with
a forgotten doll.


Ulicna lampa treperi,
zvuk ki°e tako opor,
vrijeme sumraka.

A street lamp flickering,
the rain sounds so bitter,
twilight time.

Author: Franko Busic
Editor: Ban'ya Natsuishi
Translator: Franko Busic



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