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Darko Plazanin
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Born in Pakrac, Darko Plazanin lives in Samobor and works in Zagreb as a warehouseman. He writes haiku almost a quarter of a century and publishes it in many domestic and foreign reviews, journals and anthologies. His haiku verses had been, among others, translated into Japanese, English, German, French, Hungarian, Romanian, Flamanian and Irish language. He is one of the most represented Croatian haiku poets abroad. He received numerous awards and had been commended repeatedly. On International Haiku Contest in Japan, 1990, on the occasion of the Day of Japan Culture, he received a Grand Prix of Japan with an invitation for tendence to the award bestoval. As a member of Matica Hrvatska Samobor he is the organizer of Samobor Haiku Meetings and the editor of the Zbornik, the miscellany of these haiku encounters in Samobor. Moreover, he is a member of the editorial staff of some other haiku publications. He had published independent haiku collections as follows: Murmur of the Water (1989), The Every Day Road (1990) and Samobor (1995). Also, he is one of the authors in common billingual (Croatian/English) haiku collection Seven Ways (Zagreb, 2000) and Seven New Ways (Zagreb, 2003).

Author: Darko Plazanin
Editor: Djurdja V. Rozic


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