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W. F. Owen is a Professor of Communication at California State University, Sacramento. In over twenty years in higher education, he has published research on personal relationships and has served on many editorial boards in communication. His haiku and senryu have appeared in "Frogpond," "Modern Haiku," "Acorn," "Mayfly," "Haiku Headlines," "bottle rockets," "black bough," and other anthologies. He considers himself a naturalist, humanist and humorist (when recipients understand his puns).




pet store
nose prints
both sides
flea market-
seeing my old shirt
on her new husband
the bounce
of raindrops
on the basketball
in the park
my dog fetches
a better stick
lifting the hammer
the old carpenter's hand
stops shaking
river restaurant
halfway through the fried frog legs
the croaking begins
after harvest
the fruit trees
hold their droop
at the lake
skipping a rock
off the moon
waiting in line
for the ballet
we shift our feet
tai chi:
     the swaying
          porch swing

Author: W. F. Owen
Editor: Billie Wilson


"pet store": Published in "Frogpond," XXIII:2 (2000)
"flea market": Published in "Frogpond," XXIII:3 (2000)
"the bounce": Published in "Frogpond," XXIII:3 (2000)
"in the park": Published in "Modern Haiku," XXXI:3 (2000)
"lifting the hammer": Published in "Mayfly," No. 30 (2000)
"river restaurant": Published in "Haiku Headlines," (June 2000)
"after harvest": Published in "black bough," No. 15 (2000); selected for "Crinkled Sunshine," HSA Members Anthology (2000)
"at the lake": Published in "Haiku Headlines," (August 2000)
"waiting in line": Published in "Modern Haiku," XXXII:1 (2001)


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