Victor P. Gendrano English
United States

I live in Carson, California, and am a retired librarian from Los Angeles County Public Library. I am a member of the Haiku Society of America and participate in the Haiku forum of the World Haiku Club. I also write regular poems in both English and Tagalog, a Philippine language, as well as Sijo, a Korean poetic form.




misty afternoon
she takes a last look
at the leaving train
white lilies bloom
near a makeshift cross
war-ravaged field
summer heat
the swirling wind lifts
her flowing skirt
among the dead
a baby,s milk bottle
manila bombings
waiting room
the plastic flowers
still in bloom
mother's day
my daughter brings her daughter
as a peace offering
spring cleaning
she pauses to read
an old love letter
morning rush
a full moon rests
on the traffic light
hospice visit
he peers at his grandson,s face
and sees himself
lover,s game
hunting for pussywillows
and each other

Author: Victor P. Gendrano
Editor: Billie Wilson


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