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Ty Hadman started studying Japanese culture and religion in 1964. He was interested in rock gardens, the tea ceremony, Japanese literature, woodblock prints, kite-flying, Zen, and just about anything Japanese. He didn't become interested in haiku though until 1966 when he met a barber at an informal social gathering of artists in Los Angeles who recited about 50 translations of Japanese haiku. Ty was sent to Vietnam in 1968. He kept a personal diary which later inspired his first haiku. After the war he was admitted into a Hindu monastery in Canada, where he was a monk for two years. He then became a wanderer, hitchhiking in all four cardinal directions throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, hopping freight trains, begging door-to-door, staying with friends or as a guest in communes, drifting from state to state, odd job to odd job, working as a migrant worker on farms and ranches, sometimes ending up in the city accepting day labor or odd jobs or factory work and then moving on again. Ty finally settled down for four years in the San Francisco Bay area. Starting in 1987, he relocated to Mexico to do research on medicinal plants and the history of Hispanic haiku and was employed as an English teacher. He then relocated to Peru in 1993 where he presently lives with his wife and daughter in the tiny fishing village of Puerto Eten. He has published two chapbooks, "The Poor Part of Town" and "Dong Ha Haiku." He has been translating haiku from the Spanish since 1984 and is currently the Spanish translator for The Dozen Tongues annual haiku publication. His book "Breve Historia Y Antología Del Haikú En La Lírica Mexicana" was published in Mexico City in 1987. His book "Mexico's Most Important and Potent Medicinal Plants and Herbal Remedies," has recently been published by RJ Ebooks at: http://www.rjs-ebooks.com/#Herbal




swift windblown clouds"
    hitchhiking through my birthplace
        without a penny
the faint sound of jazz
drifts down to the waterfront
this foggy spring night
pointing to the sun
     every morning & evening
          the scarecrow
carrying home
     a bag of groceries
          and a little snow
a long journey ends;
I hang my hammock
near the moonlit sea
the poor part of town:
a drunk Santa wandering
through the empty streets
lonely winter night
the pay phone on the corner
rings and rings and rings
still measuring
the vast summer sky
one last kiss
before I leave for the war
this winter
Memorial Day service"
a young man prays hard

Author: Ty Hadman
Editor: Billie Wilson


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