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Pamela Miller Ness has published poetry in "American Tanka," "frogpond," "Haiku Canada Newsletter," "Haiku Headlines," "Heron Quarterly," "Hummingbird," "Lilliput Review," "Lynx," "Modern Haiku," "Persimmon, "Raw Nervz," "Acorn," "The Heron's Nest," "bottle rockets," "Snapshots," "South by Southeast," and "Tangled Hair." In addition, her haiku have been selected for inclusion in "The Red Moon Anthology" (1998, 1999, 2000). In addition to many nonhaiku publications, she has published four chapbooks, "driveway from childhood" (Small Poetry Press, Concord, CA 1997), "pink light, sleeping" (Small Poetry Press, Concord, CA 1998), "Alzheimer's Waltz" (Swamp Press, Amherst, MA 1999), and "Like Salt on Sun Spray" (Swamp Press, Amherst, MA 2001, forthcoming). Her affiliation with the Haiku Society of America has included acting as Regional Coordinator, Northeast-Metro Region (1998-2000), Chair, HSA Education Committee (1998 - date), and First Vice President (2001). She is also a charter member of the Tanka Society of America as well as its newsletter editor. She lives in New York City where she is a Middle School Learning Specialist and a 6th grade English teacher and house advisor.



after all these years
     ankle deep
in the other ocean
after chemo
wanting only to read
seed catalogues
new year's rain
the circles in the puddle
warm city wind
cherry blossoms filling
the potholes
Zen garden
a dry leaf sticks
in the ripples
late summer
children at the beach
running backwards
a new year
the Buddha's fingertips
touch earth
winter dawn
emptying the wastebaskets
after he leaves
Christmas eve-
the row of cut trees
no one took home
Christmas eve
the carousel animals
all motionless

Author: Pamela Miller Ness
Editor: Billie Wilson


"after all these years": "frogpond" XXI:2 (1998)
"after chemo": "Acorn" #2 (Spring 1999)
"new year's rain": Seasonal Winner, Millennium Haiku Calendar Contest (2000)
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"Zen garden": "bottle rockets" I:1 (Fall/Winter 1999)
"late summer": Monthly runner-up, Millennium Haiku Calendar Contest (2000); included in "Haiku Canada Members Anthology" (2000)
"a new year": "Acorn" #5 (Fall 2000)
"winter dawn": "Acorn" #4 (Spring 2000)
"Christmas eve": "Modern Haiku" XXIX:2 (Summer 1998)
"Christmas eve": "Modern Haiku" XXXI:2 (Summer 2000)


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