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A student of haiku for fifteen years, paul m. has been published in Modern Haiku, Acorn, Frogpond, Mayfly, The Heron's Nest, Snapshots (England), Ko (Japan), and many others.  He currently resides in San Francisco.  Married with dog, he highly advocates both.




a coyote call
goes unanswered
evening star
snow flurries
candlelight moving
window to window
pawn shop
a runaway's face
in the glass
by the window
blossoms fall
affixing the bonnet
to the coach horse
rain falling
from a stone griffin
one red umbrella
Mennonite woman
shaking out a blanket
first apple blossoms
clouded dawn
strangers mill about
the public garden
summer's end
waves disappear
beneath the pier
mountain shadow
river water runs
through my fingers

Author: paul m.
Billie Wilson


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"mountain shadow" - Acorn No. 5 (Fall2000), in a slightly different version


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