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Marc Thompson lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the north central US - which is best known for warm people and cold winters. He published his first haiku in 1991 and has since appeared in journals in the US, Canada, England, Australia, and Japan. When he is not writing poetry he enjoys bicycling through the countryside with his wife, Deborah Manning.




the crab boat
we saw last summer
still for sale
alone . . .
standing in the mirror
touching the lump
your hand
warm against my back . . .
the deer
in the median strip
covered with leaves
house guests -
putting the plain white sheets
on our bed
millennium eve
deep in the Everglades
alligators sleep
a small white church
at the highway stoplight
evening rain
the last waterfall
we talk again
of children
the smell of manure
in a neighbor's field . . .
two boys
throw rocks at a billboard
withered corn

Author: Marc Thompson
Editor: Billie Wilson


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