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Kathy Lippard Cobb (Kat) lives in Bradenton, Florida. She's been writing free style poetry off and on her whole life. Her freestyle poetry has been published in several magazines and appears in many places on the Internet. She began writing haiku in late August 2000. Her haiku publications include The Heron's Nest, Acorn, Frogpond, Modern Haiku, Still, Presence, Snapshots, Haiku Headlines, Midwest Poetry Review, Haiku Light, Paper Wasp, Autumn Leaves, Tempes Libre, and others. One of her haiku won first place in the 2001 Harold G. Henderson Awards. She currently works out of her home in sales. She used to work as a supervisor in a marketing company, but likes the freedom that working at home affords. She also sings, writes songs and draws.




sugar moon--
the familiar squeak
of the garden gate
winding garden path
a little girl splashes through
multi-colored puddles
cold day--
the teacher untangles me
from the lotus position
nutcracker suite--
little ballerinas stampede
across the stage
main street bakery--
an old woman buys the last
gingerbread man
bubblegum on my shoe
the little girl in the red coat
skips to school
first Christmas--
my daughter plays
with a cardboard box
crashing waves--
my thoughts move
with the tide
summer stars--
rise and fall of laughter
on the ferris wheel

Author: Kathy Lippard Cobb
Billie Wilson


"winding garden path" - The Heron's Nest (November 2000)
"cold day" - The Heron's Nest (February 2001)
"nutcracker suite" - Haiku Headlines (December 2000)
"main street bakery" - Haiku Headlines (December 2000)
"bubblegum on my shoe" - The Heron's Nest (December 2000)
"first Christmas" - The Heron's Nest (January 2001)
"crashing waves" - tempes libres


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