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I had used up half my life before finding haiku or haiku found me.  So much to learn, so little time. Such fun!  I was born in London and raised in the British West Indies and on a small ranch my American mother had homesteaded in Arizona.

My husband and I have retired to the coast of Maine. The country and water are beautiful and we spend as much time as we can outside hiking, sailing, kayaking, etc. It is a wonderful life and a wonderful time for haiku.



kneading dough
for poppyseed rolls
his freckled back
empty shelf--
dusty outlines of books
my parents read
foot-long icicles--
what to do with the spider
in the fruit bowl
still morning
only the sound
of my tinnitus
channel marker
fledgling ospreys
stretch their wings
stone terrace
the cat steps quickly
with wet feet
soft rain
new leaves
on river willows
on a fiddlehead fern-
robin's shadow
mirror calm
under the kayak paddle
an eagle's flight
quiet morning
the burble as the paddle
touches clouds

Author: Kirsty Karkow
Billie Wilson


"kneading dough" - NOR'EASTER, Members' Anthology for the Northern Region of theHaiku Society of America (Winter 2000)
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"foot-long icicles" - The Heron's Nest III:5  (May 2001)
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"channel marker" - The Heron's Nest III:6 (June 2001)
"stone terrace" - First Place, Shiki Commenorative Kukai (May 2001)
"soft rain" - World Haiku Review, I:1 (May 2001);among the top 10
"inchworm" - Haiku Cycles (April 2001)


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