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Cindy Zackowitz was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, in 1965 and makes her home in Anchorage. When not working, she is usually on a haiku walk. She also enjoys cross-stitch, photography, fishing and is currently enrolled in her first taiji class. Her first exposure to haiku was during a study of Japan in her second grade class. She first became seriously involved in writing haiku in 1997 and became a member of several internet mailing lists. Haiku became her way of expressing her appreciation for nature and the world around her. Her love of nature had its beginning during childhood camping trips and many of her haiku are influenced by them.



fresh snow
the last of the milk
saved for morning tea
scattered thoughts
along the trail-
this pocket full of keys
north wind-
a cloud follows the valley
to the sea
I count the chimes
in spite of myself
returning birds-
three notes pass through
morning fog
black water
a goose paddles
through morning snow
dusty trail
the same thoughts
as yesterday
alone again
counting an odd number
in the skein of geese
cold snap-
a star at the edge
of the haloed moon
warm gust-
a berry stain
in the melting snow

Author: Cindy Zackowitz
Editor: Billie Wilson


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