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I was born in 1949 in the Massachusetts farmhouse where I still live. In 1955, I had paralytic polio, which left me permanently disabled. Respiratory devices and a computer I talk into are essential parts of my life. I was educated by tutors and school intercoms up to the community college level, when I began the process of self-education: Latin, Spanish, history, poetry. The gift of a book in 1979 led me to haiku. My hours outdoors have been limited in time and range, but perhaps are focused by those limitations. The imagery of my haiku flows from those experiences, as well as from the fabric of my family's daily awareness of natural events. I've followed Jesus Christ since my teens, and the Bible deeply influences what I see and what I write. My haiku were first published in 1984, and have appeared in most of the haiku journals in the United States. I have self-published four books: "Woodslawn Farm: Haiku for a New England Year, "Braided Rug: Haiku and Variations" (co-authored with Sally L. Nichols), "The Trees Bleed Sweetness: A Tanka Narrative," and "Family Farm: Haiku for a Place of Moons." My two most recent books are available by mail from Winfred Press, 364 Wilson Hill Road, Colrain, MA 01340. "The Trees Bleed Sweetness" costs $9, "Family Farm" $12. Both prices include postage within the U.S. and Canada. Inquiries about overseas postage can be sent to



Deep winter
     The armload of firewood
     chills the kitchen
deepening snow
Deer nip the color of spring
from forsythia
Winter's early dusk
A cardinal at the feeder
until its red shows black
Unexpected guests
The tang of dillweed
in the salad
Skating the pond
Her white scarf flares backward
into moonlight
As the crow flies . . .
     the crookedness of its shadow
     crossing the snow drift
Cabin fever...
crushing a geranium leaf
to breathe its greenness
First crocus
... and the iced-over pond
slowly opens
Applewood bowl -
in its curve the flavor
of a hundred years

Author: Carol Purington
Editor: Billie Wilson


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