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I was born in Indiana (August 1, 1941). I moved to Juneau, Alaska, on a gray, windy, rainy day in November 1962. I knew I was home when, from the plane's exit door, I saw my first mist-shrouded mountains (the tallest thing in Indiana is the corn). People behind me had to wait while I breathed in the freshest air on the planet. Gary and I share my two sons, his son and daughter, and eight grandchildren. I'm semi-retired, taking on the occasional writing contract. My real joy is creative writing. I knew in fourth grade that I'd be a writer. I've had several articles (self-help inspirational, true-life drama, etc.) published in small magazines. My poetry has been included in a number of Alaska anthologies and small magazines. My haiku has appeared in "Modern Haiku," "Frogpond," "The Heron's Nest," "Hummingbird, "Acorn," "Poetry in the Light/Haiku Light," "haijinx," "Haiku Headlines," "Temps Libres," "Haiku Harvest," "Haiku Cycles," and other journals. My first haibun was selected as Favorite of Issue ("Modern Haiku" XXXI:1, 2000) and is included in "stone frog," Red Moon's 2001 anthology. I'm a member of the Haiku Society of America, the Alaska Haiku Society, the World Haiku Association, and the World Haiku Club. I've been writing haiku-shaped poems since the late 1960s and learned only a few years ago that I had almost as much to unlearn as to learn about real haiku.



in the drydock sling
the boat lowers to the sea-
a high call of gulls
alpine meadow-
kneeling to photograph
white heather
mud-spattered pickup-
four dogs watch
the tavern door
fruitstand apples-
the rich smell of horses
on my hands
deep winter-
a man outside the market
feeds crows from his hand
shelling peas-
now and then from the meadow
. . . cow bells
fossilized seashell
within fossilized stone-
new millennium
express line checkout-
the man ahead buys flowers
and breath mints
foggy morning-
a blue heron lifts
into the rain
mountain silhouettes
against a darkening sky
cabin lights beckon

Author: Billie Wilson
Editor: Billie Wilson


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