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Barry George's haiku, published widely in leading English-language haiku journals, will appear in the forthcoming anthologies The New Haiku (Snapshots Press) and A New Resonance: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku, Volume 2 (Red Moon Press).  He has read and given haiku workshops at numerous schools and colleges, including Community College of Philadelphia, where he teaches English.  Also a playwright, he has had works presented in Philadelphia and at Duke University.  He lives in Philadelphia with his wife Heidi, and cats Avi and Naia.




boy watching
his parents talk...
sipping both straws
atomic scientist--
years after the desert tests
his turquoise ring
after the storm
he is rich in umbrellas--
the homeless man
autumn field--
two sides of the same flock
taking off, landing
sweeping the walk
the barber's
thinning hair
Key West heat--
the kitchen staff's
chained bicycles
summer morning--
the kitten ignores itself
in the full-length mirror
winter morning--
the sound of a board
hitting the pile
night meditation--
the kittens roll
my bronze Buddha
floodlit sky
the wrecking ball swings
in and out of darkness

Author: Barry George
Billie Wilson


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"floodlit sky" - The Heron's Nest III:3 (2001)


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