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Matt Morden first learned a little about haiku while in comprehensive school. However, his discovery of the delights of sport, beer and women meant that haiku was soon forgotten.  Chancing upon a British Haiku Society leaflet in a library resulted in his first attempts to write the form. Some of these attempts were published in magazines and are not recommended for the faint of haiku heart.

Meeting other haiku poets in person and on-line was a great help in developing his understanding of what works and what doesn't. Subsequently, his work has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies across the world, most recently Snapshot Press's The New Haiku, Red Moon Press's A New Resonance and the loose thread (all 2002). His first collection A Dark Afternoon (2000) is available via He became the Associate Editor for John Barlow's Snapshots magazine in 2000 and was the winner of The Independent's 2002 haiku competition.

Matt lives in rural West Wales with the wife and two children. He dreams of big sewin, Canadian canoes, travelling in the footsteps of David Thompson, and a garden free of slugs and couch grass.



april snow
a pat of butter
melts in the pan
following fog
off the cold hill
remains of the moon
they run their feet
up and down each other
two millipedes
children's playground
a swallow's nest
high above the noise
end of the holiday
a square of pale grass
beneath the tent
sea cave
only children fit through
a spring-water curtain
estuary dusk
the seal and the fisherman
watching each other
one last cast
the fisherman's breath
becomes the river mist
an old resume
my son colours in
his rainbow 
edge of town
a gypsy's horse
drinks winter rain 

Author: Matt Morden
Carrie Etter


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