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Martin Lucas was born in 1962 in Middlesbrough, England.  He now lives and works in Preston.  He has a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Kent at Canterbury, and an M.A. in Religious Studies from Lancaster University, which included a dissertation on Zen Buddhism.  In 2001 he was awarded a PhD in Creative Writing by the University of Wales, Cardiff, for
his thesis, Haiku in Britain:  Theory, Practice, Context.

He began writing haiku in 1986, as a natural fusion of his previous interests in poetry and Eastern thought, and joined the British Haiku Society in 1992.  In 1996, in collaboration with David Steele, he founded the haiku magazine, Presence:  #18 was published in September 2002.  Since 1994 he has published five chapbook collections of his own haiku and co-edited two major anthologies, detailed below.


Bluegrey (Hub Editions, 1994)
Darkness and Light (Hub Editions, 1996)
..Click.. (Hub Editions, 1998)
Violin (Bare Bones Press, 1998)
Moonrock (Ram Publications, 2002)


The Iron Book of British Haiku, co-edited with David Cobb (Iron Press, 1998)
The New Haiku, co-edited with John Barlow (Snapshot Press, 2002)




a dab of red
in the leafy garden:
the gnome's hat
the colour of the cornflowers
sweeping the path...
a snail rolls
along with the leaves
a cold room
the shape of the last guest
in the empty chair
morning mist
a workman whistles
no particular tune
after the goodbye kiss
   the sweetness
      of a russet apple
train to catch I listen to your violin with each breath
the pan piper's
I breathe the wind breathes through the aspen election day:
without thinking
I tread on an ant

Author: Martin Lucas
Carrie Etter

"a dab or red" - Bluegrey (1994)
"twilight" - Bluegrey (1994)
"sweeping the path" - Bluegrey (1994)
"a cold room" - Bluegrey (1994)
"morning mist" - Darkness and Light (1996)
"after the goodbye kiss" - Darkness and Light (1996)
"train to catch" - Violin (1998)
"with each breath" - Moonrock (2002)
"I breathe the wind" - Moonrock (2002)
"election day" - Moonrock (2002)


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