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I have written and published poetry for many years; I am a member of the Welsh Union of Writers and from 1998-2000 edited Blithe Spirit, the journal of the British Haiku Society. I live on the Welsh Marches with my farmer husband where we brought up three sons. My haiku have been read on the radio and appeared in anthologies in the UK, the States and Europe. Publications include Crossing The Field  (Redlake Press), Reading All Night and Against The Odds (Hub Press) and Through The Cafe Door (Snapshot Press).




   water reflections
  flowing up the trunk
  of the bowed alder
left behind
by the young couple --
this warm stone
daylight fading --
       a curlew's cry
       lengthens the hill
  clock striking nine
dusk closes the entrance
  to the walled garden
rain stops
and the silent house fills
with empty rooms
barn door swinging shut
the darkness left inside
until next summer
touching it --
early spring sunshine
on this wet stone
the skins of wild damsons
darkening in the rain
butterflies in the catmint --
the old woman's hands
cannot settle
the last guest leaves
a rose
opens in the vase

Author: Caroline Gourlay
Carrie Etter


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