Gilles Fabre Writes in French and English French nationality, based in Ireland

Born in France, Gilles Fabre has been based in Dublin, Ireland for a number of years. Former teacher and freelance translator, Gilles now works in the sports business and administration. His first heroes were two travellers: Corto Maltese and then Blaise Cendrars. He started writing haiku during a trip around the world in the 1990's after years of reading and studying Matsuo Basho, Santoka Taneda and other Japanese authors. Haiku is now a Way of Life for Gilles and haiku reading and writing provides a privileged relation with Nature and people. Gilles Fabre is the editor of the haiku site Haiku Spirit that also hosts Haiku Ireland Official Site His haiku have been published in magazines and journals such Alliance (Australia), Blithe Spirit and Presence (UK), Mushimegane (Japan) and Haiku Spirit (Ireland) and in international anthologies such as HAIKU Sans Frontieres (Editions David. Canada 1998), Chevaucher la Lune (Editions David. Canada 2002), The New Haiku (Snapshot Press. UK 2002), Anthologie du Haiku en France (Editions ALEAS. France 2003) and World Haiku 2005 (Nishida-shoten. Japan 2004).

Author: Gilles Fabre
Ban'ya Natsuishi
Translator: Ban'ya Natsuishi
1-5: published in Haiku Spirit (Irish Journal of Haiku and related foms)
3: World Haiku 2005, Nishida-shoten, Japan, 2004.
6-8: published in Blithe Spirit (UK)
9: published in Presence (UK)

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