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Though originally from Washington State, I have lived in British Columbia, Canada since 1973. After working in the childcare field for twenty-five years, I returned to writing and stumbled into Japanese poetry by submitting some three line, non-haiku pieces to a very helpful editor named Jim Kacian. Under his tutelage, through reading, and joining both The Haiku Society of America and Haiku Canada, I've found success with my poems and have enjoyed meeting many fine haijin. My publishing credits include Frogpond, The Heron's Nest, Haiku Canada Newsletter, honorable mention in the Betty Drevniok Competition 2001, Raw NerVZ Haiku, Haiku Canada 2001 Anthology Counting Loons, Haiku Society of America 2001 Anthology Voices and Echoes, Poetry in the Light, Lynx, American Tanka, Countless Leaves, pawEprint by pawEpress, American Haibun and Haiga: Stone Frog, and Haijinx. Reaching as far a Japan, I have also been included on Kuniharu Shimizu's site see haiku here and most recently I've written an article for the Mie Times in Mie Prefecture. I live in Delta, B. C.




watering the grass -
a smile from the man
who passes by
dried-up pond
initials in alder bark
scabbed over
so much to do
my son points out
the lightning
late August -
pushing through cornstalks
midnight raccoons
red maple
against the white wall
of the fire station
fog all day
the whiteness
in my ears
long dusty road:
I wait by the mailbox
for the cloud
fire-side poetry -
I turn to warm the left side
of my brain
last goodbye -
scent of his wool coat
deeper into my nose
chill wind -
autumn leaves covering
autumn leaves

Author: Alice Frampton
Editor: DeVar Dahl


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