Katherine Samuelowicz

ksamuelo@bigpond.net.au English
http://users.mullum.com.au/jbird/ahs_mp_ks.html Australia

Katherine Samuelowicz grew up in Poland; now she lives, works ands writes poetry in Brisbane, Australia.  Her haiku and other poems have been published in Australia, Japan, and Canada.  Her first book, noticing the view:  haiku & other poems has recently been published by PostPress.



the affair over
polite eyes worn out words
sameness of the grass
walking along the beach
my shadow
still young
Skeleton Coast
wind plays on
beer bottles and seals' skulls
in the sushi bar
a fish
watches me

Author: Katherine Samuelowicz
Editor: Lyn Reeves


"the affair over": Hobo Poetry Magazine, Issue 11, 1966
"walking along a beach": paperwasp,3 (3) 1977
"in the sushi bar": paperwasp, 5 (3) 1999; Mainichi Daily News, March 4, 2000
"Skeleton Coast": paperwasp 7 (3) Winter, 2001 

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