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WHA功労賞2019 / A prize for thedistinguished member


Mr. Hideki Ishikura, a long time member of WHA has received a prize as a distinguished member. April 29, 2019.


世界俳句協会賞2019 /WHA Award 2019

ALLAHABAD – 211011 (U.P.)








主要な俳句詩人についての批評書籍をサイバーウィットがまた出版してきたことも付け加えられるでしょう。これらの本を出版する主要な目的は、最も高名な俳句詩人を解明し、批評的に解釈することです。サーバーウィットが出版した最も意義ある俳句批評書籍はのいくつかは、『夏石番矢の詩的業績』、『夏石番矢の夢幻世界』、『鎌倉佐弓の俳句 批評的研究』、メアリー・バーネット『俳句は二十一世紀に出会う 鎌倉佐弓の俳句』です。

World Haiku Association Award 2019
Winner: Cyberwit.net
ALLAHABAD – 211011 (U.P.)


Many thanks to the highly prestigious World Haiku Association for its decision to give World Haiku Association Award 2019 to Cyberwit.net. I along with Karunesh Kumar Agarwal both feel grateful to Ban’ya Natsuishi and Sayumi Kamakura for such act of kindness. Both of us got a golden opportunity to meet Ban’ya Natsuishi and Sayumi Kamakura for the first time in a highly impressive 20th Annual International Literary Festival Druskininkai Poetic Fall, 2009.

No doubt, Cyberwit has always endevoured to encourage the appreciation and writing of haiku poetry across the globe. This is evident by the fact that our publishing house has regularly featured latest haiku by the contemporary international poets in our literary journal Taj Mahal Review published in June and December annually. We also regularly include best haiku in our another prestigious journal Harvests of New Millennium published annually.

I have a great deal to say concerning Cyberwit’s haiku poetry publications. Those who wish to understand this will agree with the fact that Cyberwit has also published an increasingly large number of haiku poetry collections and anthologies including poets from different nations of the world.

We have published immortal haiku poetry by Ban’ya Natsuishi and Sayumi Kamakura. Shirley Bolstok aptly says about the book 100 Haiku by these renowned international poets: “I recommend the book 100 Haiku by Ban’ya Natsuishi and Sayumi Kamakura for the timelessness it gives you so you can stand under the moon, run under the sun, watch the stars and then float down a river. You watch a star falling and then chase it to see where it lands. You may find a rainbow waiting for you.”

But although we receive a large number of haiku submissions, we feel it is necessary to select only really artistic haiku for publishing in our anthologies and literary journals. The best haiku always create an enlightened awareness, ‘the aha! moment’ or `distillation of a moment’.

In the contemporary world full of chaos and anxiety, haiku has been aptly described ‘islands of sanity’. It is true that nowadays the readers due to their hectic life seldom have time to read longer poems and novels. That is why haiku has become immensely popular all over the world.

It may be added that Cyberwit has also published critical books about the major haiku poets. The main aim of publishing these books is the elucidation and critical interpretation of the most renowned haiku poets. Some of the most significant haiku criticism books published by Cyberwit are The Poetic Achievement of Ban’ya Natsuishi, Ban’ya Natsuishi’s World of Dreams: An Intensive Study of Selected Haiku, The Haiku of Sayumi Kamakura: A Critical Study, and Haiku Meets the 21st Century: the Haiku of Sayumi Kamakura by Mary Barnet.

Santosh Kumar (Editor)



第2回世界俳句協会俳句コンテスト結果/The 2nd WHA Haiku Contest results

第2回世界俳句協会俳句コンテスト結果/The 2ns WHA Haiku Contest Results
2017年9月10日/10 September 2017

Sumissions in all: 120 haiku by 36 poets from 17 countries /応募総数 17か国36人120句

第1位/The 1st Place
鍵を開けわたしでは無くなって来る昼   呼吸(日本)

I cease to be me
the noon
Kokyu (Japan)
9.75 points

第2位/The 2nd Place
口笛を吹けば大樹が笑う夜        呼吸(日本)

At the sound of whistling
a giant tree begins to laugh
in the night
Kokyu (Japan)
9.5 points

第3位/The 3rd Place
分かれ道人間ごっこ冷奴     野谷真治(日本)
A forked road
playing a human tag
tofu served cold
Shinji Noya (Japan)
9.25 points

両腕は夏の空から降って来る 呼吸(日本)

My both arms
falling down
from the summer sky
Kokyu (Japan)
9.25 points

佳作/Honorable Mention
月ふくらむ猫町の時計草     野谷真治(日本)

The moon swells
a passionflower
in the cats’ town
Shinji Noya (Japan)
8.75 points

見えざる方の目で見つめ夏の陽はまだ暮れない 酒本郁也(日本)

Staring with a blind eye
the summer sun
not yet gone down
Ikuya Sakemoto (Japan)
8.25 points

depleted plutonium        消耗したプルトニウム
the creases in a photo        写真のしわ
crossing a face               顔を横切る

Alain Summers (UK) アラン・サマーズ(英国)
8.00 points

温き風肌なぶり 祖霊らと過ごす夜 酒本郁也(日本)

A wind the teasing the warm skin
I’m passing the night
with ancestral spirits
Ikuya Sakemoto (Japan)
8.00 points

キャベツ畑獲られぬままに黄の結界 福富健男(日本)

Cabbage patch
without reaping:
a yellow barrier
Takeo Fukutomi (Japan)
8.00 points

air freshener …             空気清浄器
the promise made        大海原の
by the ocean                  約束

Marina Bellini (Italy)        マリーナ・ベリーニ(イタリア)
7.6 points

L’illusione allaccia                Illusion connects        まぼろしが結ぶ
le stringhe delle scarpe-   the shoe strings –        靴ひも
mattino di Capodanno         New Year morning     元旦

Toni Piccini (Italy)           トニー・ピッチーニ(イタリア)
7.6 points

結果発表 第9回世界俳句協会大会席上 2017年9月10日 イタリア・パルマ
Announcement of Results: The 9th World Haiku Association Conference, in Parma, Italy, 10 September 2017.

選考委員長 夏石番矢埼玉県富士見市鶴瀬西3-16-11 世界俳句協会事務所
選考委員カジミーロ・ド・ブリトー(ポルトガル) ユディット・ヴィハル(ハンガリー) エリック・セランド(米国) 鎌倉佐弓(日本) ロマーノ・ゼラスキ(イタリア)
Main judge: Ban’ya Natsuishi WHA Home Office 3-16-11 Tsuruse-nishi, Fujimi, Saitama, Japan
Judges: Casimiro de Brito (Portugal) Vihar Judit (Hungary) Eric Selland (USA) Sayumi Kamakura (Japan)&Romano Zeraschi (Italy)

世界俳句協会功労賞 The Award for Distinguished Service to WHA



For Romano Zeraschi, ロマーノ・ゼラスキ


世界俳句協会賞 The World Haiku Association Award

The World Haiku Association Award 2017


Casimiro De Brito (Portugal) Born in 1938

カジミーロ・ド・ブリトーポルトガル 1938年生まれ


Céu adormecido / Un ciel endormi


os olhos em busca                les yeux à la recherche

do fulgor invisível — peixes         de l’éclair aveuglant —

que perderam o mar              poissons ayant perdu la mer

まばゆい稲妻を/ 探す両目/海を失った魚たち


o sol na crina                  le soleil dans la crinière

do cavalo: arco-íris              du cheval : arc-en-ciel

de cores animais                aux couleurs animales



a noite dilata-se,                la nuit se dilate,

torna-se numa só noite —          tout devient nuit —

paisagem cega                 paysage aveugle



para onde vais                 où vas-tu

irmã nuvem tão apressada?        frère, nuage, si pressé ?

espera por mim                attends-moi



natureza-mãe                  mère-nature

tudo nela se prepara             tout se prépare en elle

para me acolher                pour me recevoir



Japanese translations by ban’ya Natsuishi

和訳 夏石番矢

From Ginyu No. 75, July 2017, Japan.



Sou fonte ou ferida? / Fountain or wound?


Sou fonte ou ferida?         Fountain or wound?

Sou haste ou flor caída?       Stem or faded flower?

Tão frágeis somos          How fragile we are



Um homem. Um osso        A man. A bone

triste. A luz transformando-se    sad. Light becoming

em nuvem escura          a dark cloud

人間 悲しい骨/光は/暗い雲になる


Não te canses, mosquito,       Do not get tired, mosquito

entre a luz e a sombra. Pousa     between light and shadow.

no meu coração           Lay down on my heart



Telefone à mão —          Phone near the hand

vem voz vem quebrar        voice comes to break

o vaso da solidão          the vase of solitude



Madrugada ― uma lágrima    In the dawn ― a tear

diante da casa           in front of the house

onde vivi contigo          where I lived with you

夜明け 涙一滴/お前と住んだ/家の前


Contemplo as praias        Looking at the beaches

como se olhasse para o dorso     like looking at the back

da minha amada          of my beloved



O arco-íris                      The rainbow

separa o homem                  tears man apart

da sua mulher                     from his woman



Quando já não tem nada       When nothing is left

o homem chora.           man begins weeping.

Tem alguma coisa          Something is left



English translations by Teresa Salema

英訳 テレサ・サレマ

Japanese translations by ban’ya Natsuishi

和訳 夏石番矢


From Ginyu No. 75, July 2017, Japan.


Poetry Page of Casimiro de Brito


For Casimiro de Prito

For Casimiro de Brito、カジミーロ・ド・ブリトー

The 2nd. WHA Haiku Contest 第2回WHA俳句コンテスト

Application form (PDF)


世界俳句協会功労賞 The Award for Distinguished Service to WHA



On April 29, 2015, “The Award for Distinguished Service to WHA” was given to Mr. Kuniharu Shimizu. Mr. Shimizu has been one of the advisors to WHA, and the judge of the WHA haiga contest.


Result of the 1st. Haiku Contest “Haiku in Chiyoda Ward”


第1回WHA俳句コンテスト:1st. WHA Haiku Contest

結果:Results (pdf)

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