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WHA貸借対照表/Balance sheet 2022

NPO 貸借対照表 2022年提出

Membership renewal and haiku submission for World Haiku 203/会員更新と「世界俳句2023」への投句

Application forms for membership(Word file)E 2022 Application Form for WHA Member  /  J 世界俳句協会会員2022年度申込書

Submission forms for World Haiku(Word file)SE Submission Form for World Haiku 2023  / J 世界俳句2023 投句用紙

Membership Fee–English / Japanese New


WHA貸借対照表 2020年提出.


会員申込書/投句用紙:Application/Haiku Submission

2020年度の会員申込書と2021年『世界俳句』の投句用紙を更新しました。メニューのAbout WHAをご覧ください。

Application form for 2020 and haiku submission form for 2021 have been updated. Please see “About WHA”.

About WHA

Who We Are : Welcome messages from the WHA’s two co-founders.


WHA articles of association

Statuts de l’Association

WHA teikan jp

The goals, vision, and guiding principles of the World Haiku Association

Application forms for membership(Word file)E 2020 Application Form for WHA Member /J 世界俳句協会会員2020年度申込書

Submission forms for World Haiku(Word file)E Submission Form for World Haiku 2021 /J 世界俳句2021 投句用紙

Membership Fee–English / Japanese New

How to Reach Us

NPO 貸借対照表 2018年提出

WHA Haiga Contest

Judge and comments by Kuniharu Shimizu (blog)
see haiku here bookstore

The 133th Contest (08 / 2015)


Previous Contests
The 132th Contest (07 / 2015)
The 131th Contest (06 / 2015)
The 130th Contest (05 / 2015)

E-mail address for Submission
(Read the submission guidline listed below before submitting)
How to become a WHA member

WHA website is accepting haiga submissions each month. Submissions may include all styles of haiga from traditional brushwork to photographic and computer generated art, or other mixed mediums. The results of the judge’s selection will be announced at the end of each month on this site. Haiga work that receives more than 2.50 out of 3.00 points will be displayed.

Submission Guidelines
1. One haiga per person
2. If your haiga is done on paper, scan it and send it as an email attachment. (Be sure to resize your submissions for computer screen viewing using 72dpi in a JPEG Format)
3. Haiku words must be embedded in the haiga image
4. Haiga data will not be returned.
5. Submit your haiga by the 20th of each month to: Kuniharu Shimizu
5. Include the following information: your full name, postal address, and email address.

Judge: Kuniharu Shimizu (blog)

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