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WHAC9 俳画展/Haiga Exhibition (YouTube 記録映像)

YouTube(俳画展/Haiga Exhibition)

世界俳句協会功労賞 The Award for Distinguished Service to WHA


世界俳句協会賞 The World Haiku Association Award

For Casimiro de Prito

For Casimiro de Prito

WHAC9 俳画展 Haiga Exhibition in Parma, Italy

Photographs from the WHAC9 Haiga Contest (September 8th through 10th, 2017)


6月俳画コンテスト The 154th Haiga Contest

The result of the 154th. haiga contest (June. 2017)


In Support of Creative Haiku in Nepal by Ban’ya Natsuishi: PDF

5月俳画コンテスト The 153rd. Haiga Contest result

The result of the 153rd. haiga contest (May. 2017)


第12回世界俳句協会日本総会報告 The 12th WHA Jp conference report

総会報告pdf、report pdf (<>en<> / jp)


YouTube ビデオ
The 12th WHAC YouTube

Result of Haiku contest

The result of haiku contest (Romanian-Japanese cultural interferences, Edition 2017)

4月俳画コンテスト The 152nd. Haiga Contest

The result of the 152nd. haiga contest (April. 2017)


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