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3月俳画コンテスト the 151 WHA Haiga Contest

The result of the 151. haiga contest (March. 2017)


2月俳画コンテスト 150th Haiga Contest

The result of the 150th. haiga contest (Feb. 2017)


1月俳画コンテスト The 149th Haiga Contest

The result of the 149th. haiga contest (Jan. 2017)


VI International Haiku Contest of Lotos Magazine

After a long break, International haiku magazine Lotos from Valjevo announces the 6th International haiku contest.
You can send up to 5 unpublished haiku by email to the following address:
dejan.bogojevic@gmail.com or by mail – the address is:
Časopis Lotos
Naselje 27. Novembar 10/1
14000 Valjevo
You should send haiku with a code on one page and the solution of the code with your biography on the other sheet of paper.
The deadline is 10.III 2017.

12月俳画コンテスト The 148th Haiga Contest

The result of the 148th. haiga contest (Dec. 2016)


Haiku af Bo Lille – Environmental

11月俳画コンテスト The 147th Haiga Contest

The result of the 147th. haiga contest (Nov. 2016)


The 2nd. WHA Haiku Contest 第2回WHA俳句コンテスト

Application form (PDF)


10月俳画コンテスト The 146th Haiga Contest

The result of the 145th. haiga contest (Oct. 2016)


栞と絵はがき WHA Original Book markers and Postcards

WHA Original Bookmakers and Postcards


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