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Month: 5月 2020

Reports on May 24, 2020

From Roger Watson (UK)


A collection of 64 haiku & senryu by  Roger Watson  &  Su Wai Hlaing

Published by Yould Publications Ltd

Language: English   ISBN: 978-164516442-5

Kindle edition $4.00

Hard copy (inc. post & packaging):

UK = £4.50

Rest of world = £7.00

Email: rwatson1955@gmail.com

Haiku in this book are a collection of published haiku by Roger Watson and Su Wai Hlaing. They have previously been published in: All the Way Home:  Aging in Haiku; Blithe Spirit; emphemerae; Failed Haiku; Four Hundred and Two Snails (25th HSA Anthology); JALMURRA; Luca’s Lily Pad; Poetry Pea; Presence; Prune Juice; Pulse; The Mainichi; Under the Basho; Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award 2018; Wales Haiku Journal


Reports received on May 23, 2020


Partha_ Sarkar_haiku


From 酒本郁也 (Japan)


白い追憶: 酒本郁也歌集 ナイル小書

◎呟くさよならを君が聞き返した 自由律句集

Kindle百句句集 いしづちたろう句集
Kindle百句句集 マリア大山句集



From Neal Whitman (USA)

Kuni Shimizu and Neal Whitman have a responsive sequence in an international haiku journal published in New Zealand, Kokako, issue 32, 2020.

Neal Whitman’s book of haiku, From this Moment On, was published by Cyberwit.net. It contains 120 haiku, many winners of awards world-wide

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